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24-11-2009, 11:54 AM
Greetings honorable Mature Anzac Gamers,

Bad Karma (BK), ten years in existence, pc based, current members approx 280, seeks cod5 Matches.

We can accommodate 5-15 per side on our servers. We have members all over the world and can in most cases provide a team any hour of the day.

Email for Match specifics:

-email - Assistant Match Coord - BigDuke6 : bigduke6.bkmatchcoord [at] gmail [dot] com
-email - Match Commander: NEMATODE: jjdpanix.com

Usually 3 maps on our servers, our tactical rules, next week 3 maps your server, and your rules.
If you do not have a server we can host the matches on our servers.

We are an honorable team no cheats or hacks. Members will abide by your rules as we hope you would reciprocate.

To visit our public servers:
Polite and Friendly, Polite and Friendly 2 and Polite and Friendly 3.

TS I.P. - no pw

Check out our Team page at http://www.bkops2.com

If I have inadvertently posted in the wrong area or was was mislead in identifying you as cod5 related please accept my sincerest apologies.

I hope we can develop regular Team scrims if this proves acceptable to both teams.

Thank you for your time.

Match Coordinator Team
Fire Team Alpha

24-11-2009, 10:21 PM
sounds good buddy, dont think ive herd of you's tho are you an AUS clan or US ?? =)

26-11-2009, 08:20 AM
I checked the website, all their pub servers are American.

26-11-2009, 04:49 PM
playing with some ping aint bad but trying to make time to make it happen between countries is the hard thing

27-11-2009, 09:54 AM
Greetings Gents,
Thanks for your reply.

Typically we play TDM on our servers, although our servers are in the US we do have players around the world with several in Australia who would be interested in participating.

We strive for polite and friendly games and moderate our servers pretty closely to eliminate the running and the gunning that can reek havoc on a tactical server. Walking upright requires sites be up to eliminate players running around willy nilly.

We strive for realism in the game. As such players can run for a short distance if being naded or taking fire but must then return to crouch as soon as possible.

NEMATODE will pick up the correspondence at this point as he has more experience with the finer points such as number of players, open dates and kit restrictions if any as well as number of riflemen versus light or heavy machine guns etc. They can be a set number per team.

One other important point is we do not allow swearing as we do have some younger players and other players that find this objectionable. We strive to be just what our servers are named after Polite and Friendly. You can trash talk but leave the profanity out as it just isn't polite and friendly.

We would ask that you refrain from swearing when we play your server your rules. You will not find anyone cheating, hacking or not playing by the rules when we play the scrims. We have a vesting time period where recruits are monitored before becoming BK members. We also hold regular Team meetings, Admin meetings and Boot Camps.

If all this sounds good I think you will find we do have some very competitive players as well as players that lean more toward the camaraderie. Having said that I believe we are undefeated in scrims.

If all this sounds acceptable just let NEMATODE (jjd@panix.com) know you are still interested. I think you will find teams we have scrimmed against usually go on to play us on a regular monthly basis.

I look forward to your reply. Please let us know your thoughts on kits, number of players you would want to field, open dates etc?

Once again thanks !!

Match Coordinating Team
Fire Team Echo

Match Commander
Fire Team Echo