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MAG Servers rules of play

Closed Thread
Old 18-09-2016, 12:45 PM   #1
[MAG] MAG Council
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Default Battlefield 1 Server Rules

  1. Please read the general Mature Anzac Gamers Servers Rules, they apply to all our servers and can be found here

  2. All MAG members are responsible for the smooth running of the server. i.e. If the teams are unbalanced swap sides. Most of all MAG members are to enforce the rules under which MAG operates. Every MAG member has the power to inform others of the Rules and ask other players to follow them.

  3. No Player may shoot or attack into the enemy Deployment Zone. The only exception to this rule is when a fixed weapon such as an AA gun is shooting out. Then you are only to engage those fixed positions only.

  4. If there is a Fixed AA gun in the Deployment Zone then players can only use this to attack air targets not ground.

  5. No team stacking. Server or admin scramble / auto-balance will be executed if necessary. Unstacking will be executed via an in-game plugin or at admin discretion. Players moved from one team to another will not be moved back.

  6. Players may not perform actions that hinder their own team. Such as deliberately killing of team mates, destroying friendly vehicles, destroying fixed buildings in the main Deployment. Deliberately placing themselves in a situation so they cause another player to team-kill them.

  7. Players may not Stats-pad to benefit their own score. i.e. such as team swapping at the last minute to increase their own win / loss ratio or making an agreement with players of the opposite side that benefits their own score in game.

  8. Air vehicles that are in combat with other air vehicles and retreat to the Deployment Zone are still considered in combat and may be attacked.

  9. Staying in spawn during a game is not allowed. Example: Using a vehicle and firing from inside the base.

  10. Any use of a program or script to simulate player movement will result in a temporary or permanent ban.

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